The Aspen Room

In addition to the Brewery´s craft beers, the Aspen Room bar has a selection of craft cocktails. Come in to try the classic cocktails that are given a little El Rancho twist. Some that resonate are the 291 Old Fashioned, with 291 Colorado bourbon, the Ranchero Margarita, which comes served in a hickory smoked salt-rimmed glass, the Rancho Sunset, the perfect refreshing cocktail colored to represent the West Deck sunsets over the Continental Divide, and a twist on the classic French 75 gin cocktail infused with lemon, rosemary, and Prosecco simply called the Evergreen 75.

During Prohibition, American cocktails came to be mixed with new, and sweeter, flavors to cover up the taste of bootleg liquor. Consequently, the era had an irreversible effect on mixology and encouraged greater experimentation with the combining of drinks and flavors. The Aspen Room caters to the sweeter palate with bright cocktails, such as our Paloma, Breckenridge Gold (made with Breckenridge bourbon), and Mountain Berry Martini.

The emphasis on the bar and the Aspen Room’s speakeasy quality, do mean that this area in El Rancho is generally skewed towards a 21+ crowd.

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Whisper! Speak easy! The police are watching! A 1899 newspaper excerpt [Pittsburg Dispatch] conveys the origins of the term speakeasy to avoid alerting authorities to the sale of alcohol in dry jurisdictions, or by unlicensed dealers. The state of Colorado enacted state-wide Prohibition on January 1, 1916. Three years before the ratification of the eighteenth amendment to the United States Constitution. Colorado’s early entry into the Prohibition Era was due in large part to a western temperance movement that originated in reaction to the perceived de-moralizing influences of saloons in mining towns. The ratification of the twenty-first amendment repealed Prohibition, nation-wide, in late 1933.

Speakeasys, however, have continued in a more modern form. The Aspen Room draws influence from modern-styled speakeasys in creating a space that is discreetly located underneath El Rancho proper, and which forms its identity around the creativity and passion that goes into the mix and pour of every beverage.

Beer Garden

Below the main El Rancho restaurant, or out the doors of our speakeasy-style Aspen Room, is the Beer Garden. Out of view of the interstate, and enclosed by stonework and foliage, the Beer Garden is a great spot to get away from the world at large and enjoy some of the Brewery’s over twenty craft beers on tap. The space represents a more intimate setting within El Rancho, where, under cover of tree and sky, you and yours can get situated at a corner table and become acquainted, catch up, reminisce, and generally enjoy each other’s company as El Rancho patrons have done for well over half a century. A stage built into the back wall features live music on weekend afternoons and Thursday through Friday nights – as the Colorado weather permits.


Seriously good food, I was very impressed with the service, they were very busy and the food came out within 15 minutes. Waitstaff was friendly and the owner really cares about the quality. Reasonable prices as well. Definitely check it out.

-Zach S.

Such an amazing atmosphere! The restaurant itself is a perfect fit for the beautiful mountains that surround it. Great service and delicious food. Will definitely be returning!

-Daniel W.

Great menu and food. Beer is excellent. Met the new owner who took over last July. They have done an outstanding job with the renovations and the updates along with the menu. Will be coming back regularly.

-Gabe V.

Rad place just off the highway with friendly staff, and a gorgeous little inclusive patio. Dog friendly with local craft beer and a nice wine selection.

-Sarah S.

Amazing food, staff and service. Highly recommend the trout, the bone in pork chop and butternut squash soup.

-Barbara S.

Thriving under new ownership. Green chili is excellent. UPDATE 1/28/21: the roasted half-chicken is the best eighteen bucks I have spent in my life.

-Joel L.


    El Rancho is conveniently located approximately 18 minutes outside of Denver off of I-70. To reach El Rancho going west, you’ll take the Evergreen Parkway exit and then turn right on US-40. Going east, you’ll simply take the El Rancho exit and turn right. Just remember to keep an eye out for our iconic sign and beautiful building!

    Dogs are welcome on our patio overlooking the Continental Divide; feel free to bring your furry friend!

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